Who is the Fairfield PTA Council?

We are all the PTAs in Fairfield working together to help each other achieve the best we can for our children in our schools. Each PTA has its own boards, committees, programs, initiatives, and focus.  Delegates from each PTA are sent to the PTA Council to represent them and ask that they bring back the information shared at Council meetings on what is going on at other schools throughout the town.  The Fairfield PTA Council board is composed of PTA members in Fairfield public schools that have an interest in seeing how the entire town can benefit from working together.

What is the Fairfield PTA Council?

We are a body of elected and appointed people that focus on town-wide issues with the nexus of education.  There is no topic that is irrelevant to the PTA Council because we understand how, as a town, education is important but is one of many important things to our town.  We help to keep our PTAs informed of information about our town, as well as education and child-related information on the town, state, and federal level.

Why does the Fairfield PTA Council exist?

We don’t need to exist but the PTAs in Fairfield feel it’s important to have a PTA Council to help unify us as community and share great ideas as well as pitfalls to avoid.  We’re a big town and getting bigger all the time.  The Fairfield PTA Council helps to keep all the schools communities in town in touch with each other.  These school communities drive the initiatives and goals of the PTA Council.  Not every town has a PTA Council; Fairfield has decided they want it.

Where is the Fairfield PTA Council?

We meet monthly but are part of each Fairfield PTAs working environment. The Fairfield PTA Council helps to provide information about events, meetings, and decisions that affect the families of the Fairfield school communities.  The Fairfield PTA Council has liaisons to town bodies that affect education issues in our town.  As part of the CT PTA and National PTA it has liaisons that keep us aware of state and federal legislation and funding that affect our town.

When is the Fairfield PTA Council?

We aren’t just at the monthly meetings.  The Fairfield PTA Council has always held round tables to provide discussion forums for PTA presidents.  We have begun to hold round table discussions on topics relevant to the running of PTAs such as fund raising.  These discussion allow for every part of Fairfield to hear and understand how they are affected by a topic or decision, it provides perspective that the town would not have otherwise.

How does the Fairfield PTA Council work?

It has a board, like other organizations, like PTAs.  The board members are elected to fulfill their roles.  They meet monthly at the Board of Education offices and have liaisons to many town bodies, e.g. Board of Education, Board of Finance, RTM, as well as to all PTAs in town.  The PTA Council follows the rules of the CT PTA and National PTA as well as its own bylaws.   Most important, the Fairfield PTA Council doesn’t work unless it has Fairfield PTA members and units telling us what they are interested in and what, as a town-wide body, they want us to focus on.

last edit: 10/18/2010 MH

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