Fuel for Learning Partnership

2010-11 Fuel for Learning Partnership Initiatives

1.   Continue to advocate for a review of the lunch program

a.    Amend policy, Wellness or otherwise, to include the goal of phasing out processed foods in favor of freshly prepared foods.

b.    Urge the hiring of a consultant to guide the district toward the goal of phasing out processed foods and ascertain costs

2.   Hold Food for Thought Expo II to be held Saturday, March 26th 10am-4pm Fairfield Warde High School

3.   Produce Food Allergy handbook and advocate for a consistent, district-wide approach to children with food allergies 
in the school system

4.   Produce Handbook for parents to include ideas and information regarding healthy food choices

5.    Provide Resource for PTAs on Health Food Certification (HFC) guidelines.

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