Health, Safety & Fitness

The PTAC Health, Safety & Fitness Committee (HSFC) sits on the town Wellness Committee and holds monthly meetings with HSFC representatives from all PTAs.

MISSION STATEMENT – The Town of Fairfield’s PTA Council, Health, Safety & Fitness Committee is a group who welcomes and includes any member of the community who is interested in promoting, educating and advocating for, issues related to our children in the following areas:

Health – Medical issues concerning our children. (i.e. Depression & Anxiety, Allergies & Asthma Awareness, Hand Washing Awareness, Head Lice Treatment & Prevention)

Safety – Protecting our children from harm. (i.e. Bullying, Alcohol Abuse, Internet Safety, Stranger Danger, CPR, First Aid & Defibrillator Training, Helmet & Wristguard Use)

Fitness – Increasing the amount of physical activity our children participate in daily (i.e. “Aces” – All children exercising simultaneously, “Jump Rope for Heart”, Playground Equipment Carts, Walk to School Days)

We collaborate with Parents, Students, Teachers, Fairfield Public School Central Office Administrators, The Town of Fairfield’s Health Department Representatives and Local Business to:

    • Compile an annual list of priorities and identify areas of concerns
    • Conduct research, gather data and analyze the results regarding these issues
    • Prioritize, propose solutions and implement programs that address these issues
    • Act as a liaison between school PTA’s, PTA Council and The Wellness Coalition.
    • Hold Monthly meetings with all of Fairfield public school PTA’s
    • Participate in monthly PTA Council meetings
    • Participate in monthly “Wellness Coalition” meetings
    • Introduce and/or create programs for PTA ‘s to use in their schools
    • Support Board of Education “Wellness Policy” guidelines
    • Advertise and publish information, events and local resources

No expertise or previous experience necessary. All you need to participate is the desire to help The PTAC HSFC in it’s mission of promoting, educating and advocating for our children.

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