Welcome, 2018-2019

Welcome, 2018-2019

Welcome, Fairfield to the 2018-2019 school year!


The Fairfield PTA Council is here to support the essential and ongoing activities of our town’s individual PTAs.  There are 17 PTA units in town each working to support its school and to advocate for its children.  That’s where PTAC come in.  We are the group who works to connect our schools’ voices within our school district.

This is a partial list of what PTAC does:

  • Fund Awards, Grants and Scholarships to schools, teachers, school groups, activities and events.
  • Sponsor and host enrichment programming.
  • Advocate for our children.
  • Facilitate the coordinated activities of school PTAs who wish to partner with other PTAs in town.
  • Participate in curriculum review for the school district.
  • Identify chronic, persistent and emerging needs of our schools’ communities and deliver programming to meet those needs.
  • Partner with local groups.
  • Regularly meet with the Superintendent of Schools
  • Educate and inform through candidate forums, news sharing and event hosting.
  • Deliver training, compliance and leadership resources.
  • Answer questions.

A town as large and diverse as ours offers opportunities for anyone wishing to get involved.  We are a mix of teachers, administrators and parents with children young and old, who work full time and stay at home, who offer a little bit or a lot of their time.  What matters is a willingness to participate to the best of your ability and availability. As they say, many hands make light work.

My goal as president of PTAC for the 2018-2019 school year is to strengthen our community by making it easier to communicate with each other.  I believe that communication is at the core of community.  Our means of communication are changing – particularly with our schools – simple Friday Folders have been replaced by Constant Contact/My School Anywhere/Facebook/Twitter/Email/Newsletters/etc. Important links left unopened shift the burden to PTAs to distribute information across multiple channels in the hope of catching parents’ busy eyes. Communication should become simple again.  To meet this goal PTAC is launching a new website and information platform designed to serve our complex town PTA structure and to represent our diverse voices unified through advocating for our children.  This will take time and I promise you that while we will not get it all right in Phase 1, we will work with you to get it there over time.  I’d like to thank the executive team of PTAC for working through the summer on this with a big shout out to Joy Ross who has spearheaded the project.

I’d like to invite you to join us at PTAC. We will succeed if we listen to the many voices advocating for our children across our great town.  For information, you can contact your school PTA’s president or email me directly at president@fairfieldptac.org.

Thank you for all that you do to make our town, its school district and its schools so special.

Best regards,


Carolyn Trabuco


Welcome Back to School!

Welcome Back to School!

Welcome Back to School!

Posted on August 31, 2018 | Fairfield PTAC

New beginnings are here for your child or children. We encourage each of you to give back to their childhood education, get involved, be supportive or donate now to make a lasting impact in their lives. The Fairfield PTA Council is a unified group of community leaders to advocate for your children’s education from Kindergarten through High School across Fairfield County. Elected officials, PTA Organizations, and all the Public Schools come together to support your child’s educational needs. We support you, who in turn support their growth and future success.   As you begin the new school year please think about your needs and how we can come together to build a stronger community, we want to hear your ideas. We need your help to make our schools better. Many of us don’t have time and are reading this on a train commute, you can stay connected through our new mobile site and applications to get real-time information from official resources in Fairfield. Members are able to:

1. Download Google Calendar of multiple school events

2. Access school directory app, MySchoolAnywhere

3. Directly connect to your elected officials

Getting started:

1. Be sure to sign up as PTA member at your local school and access the MySchoolAnywhere Directory for the respective school and PTA Council. Just add “Fairfield PTAC” to your existing PTA account.

2. Our blog is our voice in real-time and to distribute content across media. Please add our URL to your website, Facebook page or other digital resources to distribute the content from the PTAC President alongside folks like Jessica Gerber and Dr. Toni Jones.

3. Do you tweet? @FairfieldPTAC we are professionally advocating for our children’s education, join the conversation or follow the news breaks #FairfieldPTAC.

  The PTAC Communications Team

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