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We are compromised of the Presidents of each school PTA. The main purpose of the Council is to provide an opportunity for all PTAs to work together on system-wide projects. It allows presidents to network and share ideas.

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PTAC Community Letter to Retailers

Posted on September 21, 2018 | Fairfield PTAC PTA Members, On September 21, 2018  I handed three local retailers this letter on behalf of the Fairfield PTA Council insisting that they stop illegally selling JUUL/vaping/eCigarettes to underage minors. I hope that other...

Thank you PTA Leaders

Thank you to the PTA leaders who tirelessly volunteer for our community. We appreciate the time and learning at the Annual PTAC Leadership Forum last Friday night.  Please send your feedback through the website Feedback form. We welcome all comments to plan for next...

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